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Progressive Stamping Modular Tool Design

Modular Tool Design CEP Technologies Stampimg Capabilities

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A Guide to the Benefits of Modular Tool Design

Custom progressive metal stamping is a manufacturing process used to create large quantities of metal parts quickly. Traditionally, a unique die set is created and used for a single part. When a family of similar parts with minor differences is required, it may not be cost-effective to build new tooling for each variation. In these cases, modular tool design is an efficient and affordable solution.

At CEP Technologies Corporation, we serve customers in many industries including automotive, electrical/electronics, power protection, industrial equipment, lighting, medical devices, PCB/ semiconductor, power tools, and telecommunications. We stamp custom, miniature to small parts from metal coil between about 0.002” and 0.080” thick, including many parts stamped with modular die sets. This eBook explains how our modular die sets work, as well as the benefits of this approach to progressive stamping.

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